Our world is constantly changing. Threat patterns dramatically increased in impact, on individuals, companies and governmental institutions. It is not longer about hacking personal banking accounts, but targeting mission critical industry and state infrastructure.

JAM Systems Cyber Security Europe is a startup combining tailored security consulting with academic best practices. Our approach is to deliver highly versed expertise thereby driving next generation security solutions.

Established in Tallinn, Estonia, the hub of cyber security and data protection in Europe. We take advantage of a unique geo-strategical position and an extraordinary talent pool. Based in the center of Tallinn JAM Systems is in the vicinity of the Tallinn University of Technology with its MSc for Cyber Security, and the NATO Center of Excellence in Cyber Security. Furthermore, we bridge the gap between demand for sophisticated cyber protection in Germany/ Austria/ Switzerland and the Middle East and local industry expertise in Estonia and the Baltic States.

Our areas of consulting comprise

  • cyber security risk assessment (incl. penetration testing)
  • threat vector analysis
  • big data security

Our areas of research include

  • fake news detection
  • internet of things security
  • early warning signal of cyber attacks
  • mathematics of penetration testing and back-tracking of attacks