Cyber security consulting, network analysis, and penetration testing

  • network analysis, and consulting w.r.t. enhancement of cyber security (as-is analysis, risk analysis, proposal/ tender of tailored solutions, surveying the implementation and follow-up coaching)
  • penetration testing to identify flaws in an existing security architecture
  • awareness training/ workshops
  • educational cyber security software/ awareness videos for everyone (cyber security pass)
  • cryptography tools and solutions for everyone (based on available solutions from the market)

Cyber security solutions & big data products

  • fake news detection,
    • classifying the accuracy of information and the availability of sources
    • tracking information back to its sources
    • tailored algorithms for press, media, companies and security boards
  • Internet of Things (IoT) safety,
    • security solutions regarding control and feedback software in productions plants, etc.
    • security solutions regarding feedback software in cars, trucks, airplanes, etc.
    • security solutions for tablets and smart phones
  • early warning signs indicating third party attacks
  • detection of changes in the variance/ stochastic behavior of log-ins
  • detection of irregular patterns and an increase in wrong data/ password inputs


Applications to military security solutions for defense and active web-based combat

  • modeling the dynamics of cyber attacks/ cyber attacks
  • early warning signals of a (massive) cyber attack
  • fight back tools

The PSHD-quaternion plays the crucial role in cyber security.

Our areas of consulting comprise

  • Holistic Cyber Security Consulting & Defense Methods Enhancement, see the PSHD-qauternion approach (people – software – hardware – data have to be combined for a state of the art cyber security approach)
  • State of the Art Vulnerability Testing & Threat Vector Analysis

Based on our international network of ethical hackers we provide state of the art penetration testing by applying the most current attacking tools available. These simulated white or black attacks are then evaluated and a compelling summary of threat vectors is obtained. Hereby, state of the art theoretical frameworks are applied. This combined approach enables us to provide tangible recommendations backed with one of the highest degrees of

  • Conceptual Design & Implementation of Advanced Cyber Security Solutions
  •  Big Data Security